Why Ellesmere College Titans?

Why Ellesmere College Titans?

The Titans were established in 2008, and the parents of some of the top young swimmers in the North West and West Midlands, united in their desire to create an ambitious, positive and competitive swimming programme.

Titans are fortunate to have international coaches and an excellent mentoring system, which allows our swimmers to receive the best possible advice.

Our swimmers have the most advanced training methods, video analysis, sports science, goal setting and life style management available to them on a daily basis. The Titans aim is to give the swimmers every possibility to achieve at the highest level in the pool.

The result so far:

  • A centre of swimming excellence in the heart of the North Shropshire countryside.
  • A club where winning and competing at the highest level is the benchmark for success.
  • A belief that if it is possible, we can achieve it.
  • A club in which the Coaches know each and every swimmer and care passionately about their success.
  • A positive and enthusiastic culture, which is contagious to all who come into contact.

Coaching & Training:

We offer 20+ hours training, using our access to the 25m and 25 yard pool and gymnasium, having a specific club structure in place to progress young talented children through the pathway aged 8-18 years.

Due to our elite ethos and low numbers in each group it means we can tailor each individuals training needs to suit.

The coaching team at Titans has a wealth of experience and are committed to the pathway to excellence in our sport.


We have a huge tradition in skill and skill development, aiming to develop the technique and skills of our swimmers at an early age on all four strokes to give each individual the best opportunity within the sport.

The training program at Titans includes a variety of training and racing needs. Including stroke efficiency, stroke rate, pace control, video analysis in the training and racing environment.

Strength & Conditioning:

Titans land training is designed for each age group from 8-18 years and also in line with the swimmers biological development. Early ages we design the program as co-ordination and movement patterns all the way through to our eldest swimmers who have individual programs set out by our strength and conditioning coach.

Progressive land training and flexibility training also ensure that swimmers remain injury free, which allows them to be able to sustain progress during heavy training periods in the pool.

Open Water training:

With the recent increase in popularity of Competitive Open Water Swimming and its introduction in to the Olympic arena – the Titans have made available a programme of open water training aimed at acclimatising existing proficient 800/1500m distance swimmers to the variances of open water swimming.

To assist swimmers in achieving this objective the Titans have teamed up with Trismart – a specialist local triathlon club. On occasional Tuesdays (6.15pm-7.15pm) throughout the months of May – July open water training will take place with Trismart at the Ellesmere Mere.


The Ellesmere College Titans has a priority on swimming pool use at the college and the Primary pool.

  • "Every new season is an opportunity for a new start with new goals, targets and objectives but for me it also meant deciding to leave my family and home behind, 10,000 kilometres away. Joining Ellesmere Titans was a chance I was willing to take in order to pursue my dream. My chance to train with coaches and a group of athletes who not only inspire you to become the best, but demand it."
    Gordon MasonEllesmere College Titans