Titans Coaching Appointment

Titans Coaching Appointment

Hi All,

To follow on from my email earlier in the week.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce Marc Foster from Royal Wolverhampton will be joining the coaching team from September. I’ve been chasing Marc for a long time to join the team as he has so many good qualities as a coach and person, which I know will move us forwards once again.

Marc has had huge success with swimmers from a development age all the way through to international representation and will be a valuable asset to the club and raise the already high standards we set.

Between now and the summer we will also be advertising for a third member of the coaching team and will be making another announcement hopefully shortly regarding our appointment of the additional coach.

We are already one of the best teams in Britain and chasing more national and international success this summer, but I truly believe that we are about to enter the best period for our club.

Let’s keep working together and build on the success of the MIGHTY TITANS.